Ardrox by Chemetall

As a leading global one-stop supplier for Aerospace OEMs and maintenance companies, with its well-known Ardrox® and Naftoseal® brands, Chemetall offers sealants, NDT products, corrosion protection products, cleaners, pretreatment products and paint strippers for airframe, aircraft operation and aero-engine applications.

Whether you represent an OEM, a maintenance company or an airline, Chemetall can provide you with the optimum product based on our comprehensive understanding of the materials used in your industry and of the requirements of your applications. Cleaners and sealants as well as pretreatment, corrosion protection and non-destructive testing products and processes are available for manufacture, service, maintenance, overhaul and repair of airframe and aero-engine for military and civil aircraft including their components.

Approvals and quality

Approvals and specifications are essential for the international aerospace industry. Our products cover thousands of global specifications and approvals. Chemetall is proud to offer you products which meet and frequently even exceed the requirements of most of the world’s major aerospace standards. Our products are approved by all major aero-engine and aircraft manufacturers.

At Chemetall, you will find products and services designed to meet the specific requirements of the demanding aerospace standards – this is also underlined by an impressive range of certifications, among others the EN 9100 (equivalent to AS 9100 Rev C, JIS Q 9100).

Our product range includes:

  • Exterior Aircraft Cleaners
  • Aircraft Dry Wash/Polish
  • Interior Aircraft Cleaners
  • Compressor Washing Fluids
  • Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds
  • Engine Overhaul Chemicals
  • Paint Strippers
  • NDT Consumables
  • NDT Equipment

Our technology portfolio:

  • Ardrox® Cleaners
  • Ardrox® and ARDROX® AV Corrosion Protection
  • Ardrox® NDT
  • Ardrox® Paint Strippers
  • Ardrox® Pretreatment
  • Naftoseal® Aircraft Sealants, Sealant Removers
ARDROX Products Range
1 Rust Scale & Corrosion Removers Ardrox 11, Ardrox 185, Ardrox 185L, Ardrox 188, Ardrox 1218, Ardrox 1873, Ardrox 1873A, Ardrox 295G/GD
2 Toilet Cleaners Ardrox EP 10624-165-LC
3 Paint Strippers – Application Type Ardrox 2526, Ardrox 2871
4 Paint, Carbon & Rubber Removers – Immersion Type Ardrox 29, Ardrox 2302
5 Corrosion Preventive Compounds Ardrox AV8, Ardrox AV15, Ardrox AV25, Ardrox AV30, Ardrox AV40, Ardrox AV 100D, Ardrox 3140, Ardrox 3962
6 Corrosion Inhibiting Coumpound Removers Ardrox AV980, Ardrox 5528, Ardrox 6076
7 Temporary Protective Coatings Ardrox 321-N, Ardrox 345-N
8 Temporary Protective Coating Removers Ardrox 7050W
9 Solvent Cleaners Ardrox 5502, Ardrox 5503
10 Interior Cleaners Ardrox 1820, Ardrox 1900C, Ardrox 485-R, Ardrox 6012, Ardrox 6076, Ardrox 6427
11 Exterior Cleaners Ardrox 1900C, Ardrox 245L, Ardrox 6017, Ardrox 6023, Ardrox 6077
12 In-Process & Primary Cleaners Ardrox 1900C, Ardrox 6025, Ardrox 6333, Ardrox 6333A, Ardrox 6376,
13 Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaners Ardrox 6345, Ardrox 6345A, Ardrox 6367
14 Magnetic Particle Inspection Lumor J Powder, Lumor J (W), Lumor J-40 (W)
15 Penetrants Inspection Ardrox 907PB, Ardrox 9702, Ardrox 9703, Ardrox 9704, Ardrox 9705, Ardrox 9812, Ardrox 9813, Ardrox 9814
16 Penetrants Inspection Cleaners/Removers Ardrox 9PR5, Ardrox 9PR12, Ardrox 9881
17 Penetrants Inspection Developers Ardrox 9D1B, Ardrox 9D4A
18 Penetrants Inspection Activated Carbon Ardrox 945
19 Conversion Coatings Gardobon G 4011, Gardobond Z3400A&E, Gardobond Z 3680
20 Standart Equipments Black Light Model 1025, BCI 95, DLM-1000
21 Aircraft Sealants Naftoseal

ARDROX Products Range

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