Untitled Lantal has been serving the aviation industry for over 60 years. We owe our status as one of the world’s leading providers of all-in-one solutions for aircraft interiors to this experience, long-standing partnerships, premium quality, and innovative developments. All major airframe makers and over 300 airlines vest their trust in our know-how.

The following standards and certifications govern Lantal’s operations:

EASA Form 1 for parts

As a certified Design Organization (DOA), Lantal is authorized to issue an EASA Form 1 or a Certificate of Conformity (CoC).

EN 9100 and ISO 9001

These accreditations verify that the Lantal group of companies has a quality management (QM) system that corresponds with the international standards. Thanks to this certified quality system, our products are trusted to be airworthy, railworthy, and seaworthy at all times.  And our customers benefit because this eliminates time-consuming and costly post-certification and qualification processes.

 Approved Airbus and Boeing supplier

This accreditation confirms that Lantal products comply with Airbus and Boeing requirements and can be delivered within the specified schedule.

Design Organization Approval (DOA) and Production Organization Approval (POA)

Thanks to Lantal’s status as both a Design Organization (DOA) and a Production Organization (POA), we are qualified to develop new parts and service concepts.

Our product range includes:

  • Carpet
  • Curtain Fabrics
  • Seat Cover

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